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A certain style of dress and swagger. The epitome of over-dressing. Usually defined as wearing ties when dress code is biz cas. Basically, looking more fly than all the others.
Why am I wearing a tie to the grocery store? Because no one else is - people remember the dude lookin' jazzual in the frozen food section.
by Jazzual August 03, 2011
Having sex with a female who had only planned on spooning with you.

Sometimes the result of friends of the opposite sex getting drunk together and wanting to fuck something before bed.
"I started off passing out next to Ashley, yada, yada, I got me some spoon poon."
by Jazzual August 24, 2011
An alcoholic beverage consisting of 1/2 Iced Tea and 1/2 Miller High Life. Add lemon, if desired.

Inspired by the popular Arnold Palmer drinks, hence the name.
Bro #1: "Drinkin' Arnold Palmer's all day is great, but by the end I'm craving something to get me AFU..."

Bro #2: "Dude, you've got beer and we can make iced tea - pour that shit together in one of those orange Gatorade jugs!"

Both bros, together: "Alcoholic Arnie's!"

bro hug
by Jazzual July 28, 2011
A hot dog smothered in A-1 Steak Sauce. Basically for broke folks who can't afford to eat steak.
If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine I'm eating steak, instead of a coney filet.
by Jazzual August 03, 2011
Pubic hair shaved quickly before going out, leaving uneven patches behind, thus, giving the appearance one might find in a cancer patient whose hair is falling out.
Dude, my pubs look like a chemo patient's! I'm never going to get laid with this cancer bush...
by Jazzual June 14, 2011
A sexual act. When your partner puts both your penis and balls in their mouth. An all-inclusive blowjob. Officially called a "blowjunkin."
My girl was so hot for me last night, she attempted to give me a junkin in the parking lot.
by Jazzual June 25, 2012
Wiffle ball without the bat. Usually played by poor kids in the street or kids who lost their bat, but still want to play.
Marcus brought over a ball, but no bat. We can still play hillbilly handball until it get dark though.
by Jazzual July 24, 2012
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