A person who is high in some way or another
What about an adrenaline junkie? somebody who likes to freak themselves out by jumping out of scary places, like planes in the air
by kooky_ali January 22, 2004
Someone who gets depressed or maybe angry if he doesnt get his drugs or the thing he need.
A guy who "need" his stuff to have a normal or good day , doesnt matter if its weed,coke,heroine,xtc,coffee,sport or something else, is a junky.
Someone who uses heroine is possibly not a junky , 95% of the users look normal and live a normal live , if they dont need heroine to live normal they are no junkys.
Someone who uses Crystal or Crack is a "Hardcore-Junky"
Jimmy is a Junkie ... if he doesnt gets drugs he is really depressed and talks to nobody and sometimes he is agressive.

Jim is a Junky , he stole his mother money only to buy some xtc.

John is a Junky , he takes crystal meth
by Ninn December 13, 2007

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