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When a woman sticks her finger into her vagina and wipes it under the nose of an unsuspecting guy
Last night that guy gave me a dirty sanchez so I followed it up with a dirty senorita
by deeznuts2475 February 19, 2008
A genitalia selfie. The picture you take of your own junk and send to a person in hopes that they like what they see and become arroused and to to graze on your junk buffet.
I just sent a junkie of my freshly shaven beave to the cutie patootie I met on Tinder in hopes that his own junk becomes tingely, thus leading to our privates coming together as one in a junk mash up.
by deeznuts2475 June 04, 2014
When two people lay on a horizontal surface on their side and fist each other at the same time.
How's your sphincter felling tonight, because I'm kind of in the mood for a good ying yang.
by deeznuts2475 March 20, 2012
When you succumb to your fetish of having sex with homeless women, but you chose to fuck them solely in the asshole because their pussy smells so vile you couldn't possibly get near it. Much like the blue waffle.
Dude I was totally in a hoboing gang bang last night. Now my dick smells like road kill and the inside of an Iraqi prison after rape night.
by deeznuts2475 October 08, 2013
When a couple lays down horizontally on their side and fits each other at the same time.
I'm really in the mood to send and receive, how about you get the lube and we yin yang each other?
by deeznuts2475 March 20, 2012

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