Originally the term given to drug users, ( especially heroin users) early in the twentieth centery, who supported their habit by collecting and selling scrap metal. Hence the term got started by the drug addicts penchant for collecting "junk" rather than the "junk" (drugs) they used.
The Junkie is out collecting scrap again he must be in need of a fix.
by micpenn August 04, 2012
A person who injects drugs.
Samantha: Lets go visit Sylvia
Sarah: Isn't she a junkie?
Samantha? So WHAT. The coolest junkie EVA!!!

Junkies are not always lying horrible stealing cheating scheming addicts now, c'mon guys.
by cannibalism_rocks November 12, 2009
An individual who is addicted to heroin or 'kit' and will do anything in their power to get what they call a hit. Usually betraying friends, stealing from their local Tescos and going out begging with costa cups.
If do not recieve a hit they will have withdrawal symptoms which they call 'rattlin'
Davit: orite jimmy how ya dain?
Jimmy: Am rattlin, am a way to get a tenner bag eh kit, u got any tinfoil?
Davit: naw man, thats why im oot beggin

Passer by: Fucking junkies
by RattlinJunkie January 28, 2011
A genitalia selfie. The picture you take of your own junk and send to a person in hopes that they like what they see and become arroused and to to graze on your junk buffet.
I just sent a junkie of my freshly shaven beave to the cutie patootie I met on Tinder in hopes that his own junk becomes tingely, thus leading to our privates coming together as one in a junk mash up.
by deeznuts2475 June 04, 2014
The neighbor - middle aged car salesman. Nice guy overall.
Wife - "Hunny, Jack was smoking cigarettes at an incredibly fast pace and arguing with his wife over the phone."

Husband- "He's addicted to meth hunny- he's a junkie."
by Ronson McJohnson April 27, 2011
1. A term used to describe a heroin or opioid abuser. A slang name for heroin is "junk" and therefore a heroin user is called a "junkie". It is generally considered derogatory although in some circumstances it may be a term of endearment between addicts.

2. A term to describe any drug user.
This is technically incorrect but is common as of 2016.
Chris: Dude Joe is such a junkie. He sits in the bathroom for hours shooting up.
by Demitrious Octavion September 06, 2016
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