An attempt to stop a hole or leak by filling it with trash.
The BP oil engineers are trying to stop the oil leak by doing a junk shot and filling the blow-out preventer with golf balls and shredded tires.
by yellojkt May 11, 2010
Top Definition
A photograph of a male nude showing all his exterior genitalia explicitly, full frontal. This is often referred to as "the full Monty", but that term's chief reference is to male-stripper performances, while "junk shot" refers specifically to photographs or videos.

"Junk" has been slang for "penis and testicles" for a number of years, and "shot" in this sense refers to photography.
"You know that famous nude magazine for straight women and gay men? Levi Johnston disappointed me. He was the main article, but no junk shot of any kind. The centerfold had him showing his bottom."

"Bummer. Pun very much intended."

by al-in-chgo March 12, 2010
To strike someone in the genitals with a hand, foot, or object(s).
Oh man, I can't believe Fred hit Sheldon with a junk shot to open up the fight.
by WebMasterP May 27, 2010
the dumbest solution to a major oil spill in the history of the world where scientists plan on chucking trash into the leak hoping it will block it.
joe: what the fuck are you scientists thinking?

scientist: uhhhhhhh ummmmm OH! how bout we throw trash into it we can call it the junk shot!!! *chucks shit in pipe to oil spill hole*
by tellitlikeitis252 May 27, 2010
n. a punch in the nuts.
1. During exuberant play the toddler gave his dad an accidental junk shot he's staggering to recover from.

2. During exuberant drilling BP's negligent greed gave the planet a junk shot that it's staggering to recover from.
by ctrlU May 27, 2010
Punching somebody in the balls.
Dude, I just hit Steve with a gnarly junk shot...I think he started pissing blood.
by DickSauceJones May 27, 2010
A method of birth control where the tip of the penis is cut off and dirt and other debris is shoved down the urethra to prevent any semen from coming out.
Studies conclude that junk shot is the least effective method of birth control.
by billthcat June 01, 2010
A terrible, not thought through plan that is sure to fail.
Andy: Hey, do you want to hang out later?

Nate: Can't, I lied about my report card and my parents found out. Now I'm grounded...

Andy: Wow, that plan was a junk shot... I don't feel sorry for you at all...
by A1-Sponge June 05, 2010
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