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To Republicans: global warming, the link between second-hand smoke and cancer, and evolutionary biology. To Democrats: creationism, abstinence-only sex education, and supply-side economics.
Ronald: When we cut taxes, it will stimulate the economy and increase tax revenues.
George H. W.: Sounds like voodoo economics to me.
George W.: When we cut taxes, it will stimulate the economy and increase tax revenues.
Al: We've heard of all that junk science before. We need to focus on climate change!
George W.: Now that's junk science!
by DrSamba October 17, 2008
Junk science defers from pseudoscience in that it refers to untested or unproven theories. Junk science might also use false data and information. Pseudoscience refers to anything that's disguised as being scientific but has no basis in science and doesn't adhere to scientific method. See abiogenesis, social Darwinism and naturalism for more on that. Pseudo means fake/false so the term pseudoscience means "fake science" in other words.
Many atheists believe in junk science and evidenceless hypothesizes such as abiogenesis, the multiverse, steady state theory (debunked) and naturalism.
by Skialian January 12, 2014
Science manufactured by individuals paid by special interest groups. Most commonly used by big corporations to dupe governments and nations into approving unsafe products, ignoring health and safety risks, or ignoring environmental problems.
The reason people are just starting to believe in climate change is because the oil magnates have been producing junk science to debunk it for years.

Monsanto consistently uses junk science to assert the safety of genetically engineered food.
by moonbug November 17, 2006
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