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A throwaway word used by Sarah Palin when she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about.
Q: Governor Palin, what is your position on the science of global warming and climate change?
A: Well, Senator McCain is a maverick, and I'm a maverick and a hockey mom, which is a lot like a pit bull with lipstick. I may not be answering your question the way you and the liberal media want me to answer it, but that's because I'm a maverick. And Senator McCain is a maverick, but without the lipstick. Did I mention that we're mavericks?
by DrSamba November 12, 2008
A comeback to eat shit and die that will leave the original speaker speechless.
First heard in Boston in 1978 and never forgotten.
Peter: Eat shit and die!
Brenda: Eat cheese and crawl up my ass!
Peter: ...
by DrSamba March 26, 2007
Employer euphemism meaning "over 40", used to circumvent age discrimination laws.
Interviewer: We can see that you have built up quite an impressive and varied resume. Unfortunately, we feel that you are overqualified for the job.

Translation: You're too old. We can get a recent college graduate who will be happy to work 80 hours a week for half of what we'd have to pay you for 40.
by DrSamba March 06, 2010
To Republicans: global warming, the link between second-hand smoke and cancer, and evolutionary biology. To Democrats: creationism, abstinence-only sex education, and supply-side economics.
Ronald: When we cut taxes, it will stimulate the economy and increase tax revenues.
George H. W.: Sounds like voodoo economics to me.
George W.: When we cut taxes, it will stimulate the economy and increase tax revenues.
Al: We've heard of all that junk science before. We need to focus on climate change!
George W.: Now that's junk science!
by DrSamba October 17, 2008
That experience suffered when a rabid ballroom dance junkie goes to an event, and the band or DJ plays a disproportionately large number of slow fox trots to accommodate the septua- and octogenarians on the floor.
We drove two hours each to get to the dance, and had to endure four hours of death by fox trot.
by DrSamba November 06, 2007
A word used in place of "definitely" by the same people who write (or say) "agreeance" in place of "agreement" and "grammer" in place of "grammar".
We are definately in agreeance that your grammer is impeccable.
by DrSamba March 30, 2010
The public assistance Walmart employees have to get because the store won't give them enough hours to qualify for health benefits.
My supervisor at Walmart won't let me work enough hours to sign up for company benefits. I guess I'll need to apply for Walfare instead.
by DrSamba February 12, 2012

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