Someone who acts like they are capable of doing something special but cannot match their words with an action. Someone who brags but cannot come through.
She's such a junior for telling everyone that she could drink us under the table when she couldn't hold her liquor.
by Th federation of judges February 24, 2009
Slang for friend or acquaintance typically used in New York and San Francisco Bay Area. Has nothing to do with age in relation to casual talk.
Person 1: What up son?

Person 2: What's good junior?

Person 1: Same crap different day kid.
by Maynayz February 01, 2009
a really crazy drinking game, involving as many people as you want, as long as it's an even number and you have enough cups. it's really just a combination of beirut and flip cup. so, you split up into teams at the end of a table, one player from each team sets up a beirut stack at the end, and the rest of the players take a cup and stand in a line on the long sides of the table, each time on one side. fill each cup 1/4 of the way with beer. so you start like you're playing beirut, until one team sinks a ping pong ball. then comes the flip cup bit- the rest of the players on each team starts flipping cups and chugging. first team to finish all their beers wins. players then rotate, so 2 different people are playing the 'rut part.
"hey dude, i'm bored and it's thursday- let's get a game of beirut started."
"no, let's play junior, we have too many people and this way everyone can get trashed."
The Ghettoest Of All Ghettoes...
1:Look at that Junior over there with her tracks hanging all out of her head...

2: That aint cute...

1: Sho aint
by Non-Ghetto February 02, 2011
1.) Junior, meaning small, as in small portion of my cig.
2.) Junior, abbrev. JR, creators Josh & Ryan.

Used to describe a hit from a cig because drag, hit, puff and others have weed connotations.
"Hey, wanna junior of my cig"
by JR520 March 26, 2007
A student in their 3rd year of high school; the coolest kids aroud; no one wants to be a senior, because juniors are just better; the class of 2012
whoa, did you see that tweet? it's almost as cool as a junior
by acooljunior March 20, 2011
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