A student in their 3rd year of high school; the coolest kids aroud; no one wants to be a senior, because juniors are just better; the class of 2012
whoa, did you see that tweet? it's almost as cool as a junior
by acooljunior March 20, 2011
Someone who acts like they are capable of doing something special but cannot match their words with an action. Someone who brags but cannot come through.
She's such a junior for telling everyone that she could drink us under the table when she couldn't hold her liquor.
by Th federation of judges February 24, 2009
a chink
BAM! look at that junior sizzle!
by lickalotachepka January 29, 2010
the opposite of senior.
Not dope, not cool.
Man did you see what she did the other day?
shit was so junior.
by AlexRider September 07, 2009
Junior keeps me from sliding on the snow.
by Themman1 January 28, 2010
A guy, usually in his teens who dresses like a 12 year old boy with caps turned backwords and baseball t-shirts, shorts or blue jeans. Spends his time playing vodeo games and drawing animies and other cartoon stuff.
Also acts really boyish and obnoxious. Poser in a way.
Usually a mixture of jock and skater.
Not good at sports or skating but tries.
Makes fun at everything they see, really 12 year old boy acting ways,even though they might be much older of age, spit most of the time and are very naive guys. Not fully mature.
That anoying kid thinks he knows how to skate,that stupid junior
by sevastian April 11, 2008
a high school student in 11th grade that is almost a senoir, and apparently thinks they have earned respect, even though in most cases havent. They think they should be respected because they are a junior, but have no reason to be respected. are usually hostile to lowerclassmen mostly out of jelousy, because they wish peole cared about them.
The junior girls at our school hate the freshmen.
by aka ♥ March 27, 2007

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