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1 definition by exhausted_junior

Junioritis is when a student in their third year of high school suffers the effects of work overload, (Can become more severe when an individual mixes AP and Honors classes with a part-time job), and a lack of recreational time with acquaintances and friends. Usually results in only looking forward to sleeping, if only for 4-5 hours per night due to studies, frequent mental meltdowns, and crankiness towards all individuals in the students life. Symptoms usually begin around October, and continue until Mid-Late June when the shock of the realization that Junior year is finally over subsides.
"I have to write my 10-page research paper, but I am super-suffering from Junioritis and feel like my brain has become mental soup and will leak out of my ears"

After many medical tests, the doctor diagnosed the 17 year old boy, who's brain was no longer able to function due to excessive use, with Junioritis.

After explaining her plight of having too many end of the year projects to her AP history teacher, the teacher showed no sympathy to the student suffering from Junioritis and said "Well, I hear Senior year is fun."
by exhausted_junior May 30, 2009
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