a demonic group of high-schoolers that is at just the right time in they're career so that they're just old enough to be considered upperclassmen, but just young enough to not have the stress of college apps like the seniors. this results in a tremendous and annoying ego enhancement, making them the most troublesome and/or obnoxious class in the school.
freshman: (to junior) do you know where room 231 is?

juniors: yea its down the hall to the right (freshman leaves and junior and friends laugh because they know it's actually on the other side of the school)

junior: (to senior) how are the college apps going?

senior: not too well, i haven't finished yet AND i got deferred from my first pick.

by sidero December 19, 2009
A sweet loving guy with amazing usage of words, he knows exactly what to say in every situation. He can put a smile on any body's face.
"Junior " brings warmth to my heart every time I hear it.
by love bug 24/7 October 21, 2015
A micropenis that only skilled grill masters can see
"What's that?"
"Oh, that's a junior."
by Juniormaster666 March 02, 2016
A very kind, usually with a gorgeous accent guy. A serious guy that wants to find love in high school while his friends laughed but he never gives up. They are very shy but the time will come when they will rise up. Junior is a guy that deserves a girl like CHARISMA in his life.
He's a junior. Only one more year left to go.
via giphy
by hahaatitbest March 15, 2016
hes a little bitch and hints the word little because hes like 3 foot tall
wow hes such a Junior
by sprite14 January 15, 2016
A guy who thinks he is the shit. Thinks that smoking weed and going to jail a lot makes him cooler.lies to girls,plays with them,and after getting what he wants from them leaves them. He is alright looking,not the best. Always gets in trouble and is fake most of the time.
Jessica: omg junior is talking to me

Brenda: don't get your hopes up,he comes and goes.
by Stargirll March 04, 2012
Junior is also a slang word used in Asia and UK for dick or penis
I like to play with junior before I go to bed!
by gwmsg September 28, 2009
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