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Plugging your gas-wasting car into another car with cords so it will start with electric sex.
My car's sex-life is dead. It needs a jumpstart.
by seanthebeloved January 25, 2011
verb; While you are making out, you grab the girls hand and place it on top of your boner, with your own hand on top of hers. Making sure that she begins to stroke your bone by moving her hand with yours, thus initiating the jump start.
She wouldn't go to the next level, so I had to initiate the jump start.
by Mike Leech September 14, 2006
the act of inserting anal beads into a partners ass then pulling them out quickly to help increase there arousal.
she wasn't in the mood so I gave her a jumpstart
by chrisyellowdog3 January 24, 2006
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