A ugly ass person who has no potenial in getting anyone in there life
Yoooo you bagged tasha yet I aint see her but I heard she badd.

Shut up she got no neck and teeth that bitch jumped !
by Jake Albert May 27, 2009
Top Definition
when you get attacked by a group of people
I just got jumped by a gang of lebanese
by Smavie September 14, 2003
to randomly have a shit load of guys to run at you and beat the living fuck out of you.
holy shit johnny got jumped at the candy store yesterday.
by dirtbiker April 14, 2009
When your ambused By two or more people.
Patrice, her sis and her cousin jumped Sarai.
by Meianoite October 28, 2005
to be attacked by two or more people
Did you hear Steve got jumped at the club last night?
by Gerard Irick June 12, 2009
when you get beat up by a group of people
i just got jumped by a gang of lebanese thugs

greg: i just got jumped yesterday by some thugs

jake: are they lebanese ?

greg: yeah man
by CANADA_EH June 12, 2010
to randomly be swag walking down the street with your buds and get the living shit beat out of you, so bad it makes you cry.
last week, we were walking home, and tonio got jumped, it was brutal man.
by for.shizz.nat May 17, 2010
When multiple assailants assail a group much smaller than their own or a single person
The basketball team jumped the soccer teams captain.

gang assault fight attack attack
by Khalua K Cup January 01, 2012
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