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Slang term used in the Southside San Diego area to refer to the need to defecate.
"Dude, I gotta take a mean tonio right now."
"That tonio just reaped my ass!"
"Man that tonio was ALL LIQUID son!"
by i<3pandapoo April 29, 2010
1. A nickname for someone named Anthony with a nickname of Tony, but is called Tonio by his half spanish, half white girlfriend.

2. Tonio is used as a term of endearment for a guy named Tony.

3. Tonio's are real patient boyfriends/husbands and are often beloved by their spouses for being very understanding and thoughtful.
Her boyfriend is so sweet, I need to get me a Tonio.

Tonio is the best boyfriend I ever had.

I wish I had a Tonio.
by Aonanini February 02, 2010
A junkie on the street

A mexican/cuban person's name

Slang for antonio
Look at that tonio man.

Hey Tonio!

by Kolitio October 24, 2006

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