To escape, or book it outta somewhere
When the cops showed up, he juked like I've never seen anyone juke before.
by G. Zus October 24, 2006
a)- To steal something. b) - To take something that doesn't belong to you. c) - To borrow something with or without permission, often with the intent ot give it back.
Example #1 - I juked my brother's new CD before I went to school today.

Example #2 - Oh, crap! Somebody juked my car!!!

Example #3 - Can I juke this super cool hair bow for tonight's party??
by Kattt November 01, 2005
When a person says he/she will go to an event but then never show up. Not showing up as expected.
Webdude said he'd be here but he juked.
by myvanderhyde December 11, 2006
Juke is what you call you're buddy, Juke is what you call you're friend. Takes the place of a friends name. Used most often in rural areas.
Hey Juke
What's up Juke
by FMO March 30, 2006
To jam it up someones ass without lube
Andre got juked my Disel in Prison.
by Woo! August 11, 2004
To stab, or to have sex.
A yo me and home girl was "juken" all night!
by JESS-MAN!!! May 13, 2003
A word, in Maine or Boston, that can be used as any verb.
Megan, why you jukin' them poges?! (see poge)
by MegNchel April 09, 2005

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