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To escape, or book it outta somewhere
When the cops showed up, he juked like I've never seen anyone juke before.
by G. Zus October 24, 2006
4 28
a)- To steal something. b) - To take something that doesn't belong to you. c) - To borrow something with or without permission, often with the intent ot give it back.
Example #1 - I juked my brother's new CD before I went to school today.

Example #2 - Oh, crap! Somebody juked my car!!!

Example #3 - Can I juke this super cool hair bow for tonight's party??
by Kattt November 01, 2005
4 30
When a person says he/she will go to an event but then never show up. Not showing up as expected.
Webdude said he'd be here but he juked.
by myvanderhyde December 11, 2006
3 33
Juke is what you call you're buddy, Juke is what you call you're friend. Takes the place of a friends name. Used most often in rural areas.
Hey Juke
What's up Juke
by FMO March 30, 2006
6 37
To jam it up someones ass without lube
Andre got juked my Disel in Prison.
by Woo! August 11, 2004
13 46
To stab, or to have sex.
A yo me and home girl was "juken" all night!
by JESS-MAN!!! May 13, 2003
12 46
A word, in Maine or Boston, that can be used as any verb.
Megan, why you jukin' them poges?! (see poge)
by MegNchel April 09, 2005
1 38