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A fork in the road that bends in a loop or "P" shape, letting drivers make a left turn or a U-turn on a busy road without having to slow down in the left lane. Most commonly used in New Jersey.
"Then, you go through three sets of lights, and go through a jug handle..."
by Bill M. December 17, 2004
42 16
The result when a person inserts their own penis into their own ass. So called because it looks like the handle on a jug.
He has a big pecker, and after coming home from the bar alone last night, he gave it to himself in the ass, creating a jughandle.
by PMax February 10, 2008
77 30
a portion of the road that curves tightly to form a shape resembling the handle of a jug
Take the jughandle at the exit to reach the highway.
by The Return of Light Joker August 15, 2008
12 2
A tern indigenous to New Jersey only; it is a type of U turn, but in the shape of a jughandle.
To get to Smith's Farm, take the North Avenue jughandle that is on Route 17. You will exit at Ton Road.
by suz b. September 05, 2011
5 1
When a bloke roots his own arse.
That bloke has such a long cock he gave himself a jug handle.

I was so stoked with my win at Risk I gave myself a jug handle.
by Mark M August 25, 2006
15 12
The need to make one large curving right in order to make a left. The road branches and loops around onto itself, thus crossing the intersection straight instead of making a left.
Alright, go up route 35 north and take the first jug handle on the left after Red Bank. That should bring you to Oak Hill.
by mei0023 April 06, 2005
10 7
An entrance ramp onto a road, mostly found in New Jersey. You turn right onto the ramp, which twists left, and comes back to the road, forming a T-intersection.
Driver from outside NJ: How do you use this Jughandle?

Driver from NJ: It's easy.
by I_ May 22, 2007
18 45