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The result when a person inserts their own penis into their own ass. So called because it looks like the handle on a jug.
He has a big pecker, and after coming home from the bar alone last night, he gave it to himself in the ass, creating a jughandle.
by PMax February 10, 2008
A fork in the road that bends in a loop or "P" shape, letting drivers make a left turn or a U-turn on a busy road without having to slow down in the left lane. Most commonly used in New Jersey.
"Then, you go through three sets of lights, and go through a jug handle..."
by Bill M. December 17, 2004
a portion of the road that curves tightly to form a shape resembling the handle of a jug
Take the jughandle at the exit to reach the highway.
by The Return of Light Joker August 15, 2008
A tern indigenous to New Jersey only; it is a type of U turn, but in the shape of a jughandle.
To get to Smith's Farm, take the North Avenue jughandle that is on Route 17. You will exit at Ton Road.
by suz b. September 05, 2011
When a bloke roots his own arse.
That bloke has such a long cock he gave himself a jug handle.

I was so stoked with my win at Risk I gave myself a jug handle.
by Mark M August 25, 2006
The need to make one large curving right in order to make a left. The road branches and loops around onto itself, thus crossing the intersection straight instead of making a left.
Alright, go up route 35 north and take the first jug handle on the left after Red Bank. That should bring you to Oak Hill.
by mei0023 April 06, 2005
An entrance ramp onto a road, mostly found in New Jersey. You turn right onto the ramp, which twists left, and comes back to the road, forming a T-intersection.
Driver from outside NJ: How do you use this Jughandle?

Driver from NJ: It's easy.
by I_ May 22, 2007
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