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A Juggernut occurs when someone abstains from ejaculating for a long period of time(both sex and masturbation) until they finally relieve themselves in the most unstoppable and largest nut of their life.
"It had been a month since i last nutted, but I fucked that girl trixie last night and gave her the Juggernut... She was covered from head to toe"
by O.O.A.K September 24, 2013
9 2
An abnormally large but glorious set of male testicles
Person 1: Holy fuck! What is hanging out of your shorts?!

Person 2: Oh these puppies? They're just my handy dandy juggernuts

Person 1: Sweet Jesus...
10 3
A term originated at the University of Richmond's prestigious Marsh hall. Used to describe atleast a three stringer "nut". Results in mortification of the opposite sex.
I just juggernutted all over that girl's face.

1: Did you get your juggernut last night?
2: When do I not get my juggernut?
1. Sorry for doubting you man.
by Robot High December 08, 2009
5 8
A large, destructive bed, ending in the pulverization of a fuck-buddy.
Omigod! He may SEEM normal, but in bed, he's a juggernut!!!
WOW!! That's not a dick, it's a JUGGERNUT!!!!
by inspired by juggernauts! July 05, 2012
0 6