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A Juggernut occurs when someone abstains from ejaculating for a long period of time(both sex and masturbation) until they finally relieve themselves in the most unstoppable and largest nut of their life.
"It had been a month since i last nutted, but I fucked that girl trixie last night and gave her the Juggernut... She was covered from head to toe"
by O.O.A.K September 24, 2013
An abnormally large but glorious set of male testicles
Person 1: Holy fuck! What is hanging out of your shorts?!

Person 2: Oh these puppies? They're just my handy dandy juggernuts

Person 1: Sweet Jesus...
A term originated at the University of Richmond's prestigious Marsh hall. Used to describe atleast a three stringer "nut". Results in mortification of the opposite sex.
I just juggernutted all over that girl's face.

1: Did you get your juggernut last night?
2: When do I not get my juggernut?
1. Sorry for doubting you man.
by Robot High December 08, 2009
A large, destructive bed, ending in the pulverization of a fuck-buddy.
Omigod! He may SEEM normal, but in bed, he's a juggernut!!!
WOW!! That's not a dick, it's a JUGGERNUT!!!!
by inspired by juggernauts! July 05, 2012

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