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Like regular vegans, they abstain from eating meats and other animal products and also abstain from using any animal based products. Unlike regular vegans, they feel it is there soul purpose in life to try to make non-vegans feel terrible.
A Nazivegan once tried to critize me for ordering a cheeseburger. I simply responded by saying "Oh man, this is delicous!" "You should try some, it's really good!"
by squrillyboy April 24, 2009
A supervillian of the marvel universe. His real name is Cain Marko. He got his power by touching the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. True to his name, Juggernaut is a near unstopalbe force! Once he starts going nothing can stop his motion! Despite his association with the X-Men he is not a mutant, he is an avatar. In the x-men comics Juggernaut is the step brother of professor X, but the movie "X-Men the last stand" which features the character makes no refrence to this.
"I'm the Juggernaut bitch!"
by squrillyboy September 10, 2009
The ultimate tool in Liberal fascist's war against freedom of speech.
Me: Dang that guys short.

PC person: You should use political correctness and say he's vertically challgend.

Me: Dude......shut up!
by squrillyboy October 17, 2009
1. Pathetic excuse for an NFL franchise.

2. A team of NFL football players who suffer from "Superbowlphobia".
Guy one: "Hey, did you hear how the Cleveland Browns couldn't get into there own stadium last week?"
Guy two: "No. Why's that? Were they locked out?"
Guy one: "Oh no, someone just painted a goal line over the door."
by squrillyboy September 12, 2009
PETA are the most criminally insane people on the planet!
by squrillyboy September 12, 2009
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