Ignorance isn't Bliss, get your facts straight. U are no better than us, as we are no better than any of u. A Juggalo/Juggalette is someone who believes in what The artists of Psychopathic Records are preaching. If people wern't so close minded about everything then maybe they could except the fact that not everyone in the world wants to dress, act, or think exactly the same. I am a Juggalette. I listen to ALL music. People assume ICP is the only group that are Los, they are one of the many. Not all Los/Lettes dress alike nor do they speak alike. If people actually took time out of their lives to read some of ICP's lyrics maybe they would understand a little bit more about us, Why don't you go and read? We all come in different shapes, sizes, and races. ICP is a group of God, are u shocked? I believe most Juggalos and Juggalettes that I know are very smart. I know quite a few who have made High School teachers look up words that were just used. We don't give a fuck what you have to say, it's the fact that no one EVER has enough balls to say shit to our faces that pisses us off. Are you afraid we might actually do something about it? And we are the ones considered "pussies", I think you need to rethink half of the things you say about us. Our music has meaning, we all have love for each other, we believe in the Christian faith. I don't see why everyone on here that is NOT a lo/lette is so quick to judge us and the things we believe in and follow.
"it doesn't matter where you grew up, or where you are now. All that matters is that you love your fellow juggalos and Juggalettes, you respect the Carnival and you understand the words spoken to us by god. Let us all meet in Shangria-La. Much Clown Love<3"
May God Bless The Juggalo/Juggalette Family<3
by Kyra-Mae,Fuck The Mainstream<3 November 25, 2009
1. A person who is obsessive over The Insane Clown Posse, like me
2. A believer of the Dark Carnival
3. A wrestler that competes in the JCW
4. A person you generaly likes Horrorcore Rap, and drinks Faygo.

Juggalos are hated for reasons not even I understand. Perhaps it's because they think Juggalo's are losers, when they have no Idea of what exactly a juggalo is. For whatever reason, juggalos just dont give a shit about them, so the're happy
Juggalos are one in a kind
by The True Spikes July 12, 2005
First of all, juggalo/lettes are people who are fans of any phycopathic artist. They dont give a shit about anything and they dont think of themselfs as fans. The dont do this cuz the music TELLS THEIR STORY. Juggalos come in different places, sizes, and races. Not all Juggalos listen to JUST phycopathic music or wear the clothes. Im a lette and guess what Im listening to? Im listen to Sum 41. And for all this bullshit on here that are dissin the Juggalo family, Yall need to see the difference between Fact and opinion...
Not all juggalos are fat ass, My boyfriend is all skin and bone. and he doesnt always listen to that music...Im WEARING HIS ATREYU HOODIE RIGHT NOW!!!!!

And Im sitting hear listening to Sum 41...and Im going to the concert...and Im wearing an AFI shit....AHH!!! IM STILL A MF LETTE!!!
by Kat April 25, 2005
Juggalo is only as lable if a FUCKING POSER is using it
Juggalo is a lifestlye MUTHA FACKO ne real Juggalo thats been down would know that
and fuck juggalo haterz u emeinem faggotz can SUCK THESE NUTZ
Juggalo 4 LYFe mutha facko
by Munkey April 07, 2005

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