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Term that was used after Insane Clown Posse sang "The Juggla" on stage, and has been used since to describe both their fans and people who follow a lifestyle similar to that of the Juggalo style.
To be a Juggalo/Juggalette is something that as has been said... you have to be one to truly understand. But I'll try to explain for the ignorant people who refuse to open their eyes.

1) You don't HAVE to listen to JUST Insane Clown Posse or other Psychopathic Records artists, we Juggalos and Juggalettes have very wide-ranging tastes. I myself like Alien Ant Farm, Metallica, Sum41, Dimmu Borgir, Guns n' Roses (Their old music), Journey, and Pantera.

2) Yes, we DO consider complete strangers as family just because they like the same music, we see them as both family and friend. I'm sure you country, rap, rock, and pop fans feel the same about your friends as well.

3) No we truly don't give a shit about your lameass opinions because everyone has an opinion and opinions are worth about as much as a pile of horseshit. Why do we react when you make fun of our music? Well shit, if I dissed your piece of shit Jonas Brothers you'd get pissed off too because it's something you like.

4) We accept everybody, do we sometimes put things in our songs that might be better left unsaid like necrophilia? Well it all really depends on the situation because we wouldn't play a song like that at a funeral anyways, the way ignorant haters would like to believe. We DO in fact have feelings and understand when something is or is not ok.

5) Yeah, we do stupid shit... alot. But you see the trouble with trouble is that it starts out as fun. And the trouble with fun is that it gets you in trouble. We get into fights for the same reason anyone does, either because we were provoked or because we have a problem with someone (which we address the problem before said fight) and will resolve the problem the way a black man would if you were to be racist and use the "N word" to him. We don't start fights without a reason and while it may not be the greatest reason, at least we have one.

6) We watch out for our friends and family (blood related, by marriage, by adoption, or our Psychopathic brethren). Just like you would.

MMFWCL = Much Mutha Fuckin' Wicked Clown Love

Lots of support to my Psychopathic family, MMFWCL

P.S. Send me an email if you have any more questions. svenpsyker@hotmail.com
by GotikJuggalo April 01, 2009

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