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1 definition by Wafflez

Juggalo/Lette Is A Hard Term To Define. Becuz We Are Anything And Everything We Want To Be. We Are Individuals Who Express Ourselves How We Want To When We Want To. And We Generally Share Some Of The Same Likes And Dislikes.

Juggaloism Is About Family. If A Lette Goes To A Lo And Asks For Help You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar That Lo Will Help. We Stick To Our Family. And Fuck All The Rest.

And Its A Religion. A Way Of Life. A Way Of Thinking. A Way Of Just Holding Yourself Whenever Shit HAppens To You. I'm Not Saying We Dont Get Depressed. I'm SAying No Matter What We Are Dealing With Its Not As Bad Knowing That You Have Family There To Help You.

Juggalos/Lettes Can Be Any Stereotype (i.g. Goth, Punk, Skater, Emo, Gangster, MetalHead, Jock, Prep, Slut, Etc).
We Can Be Any Age (i.g From 1-1000 For all I Care)
We Can Listen To Whatever We Want To (From Christian Gospel To Satanic Ritualistic Chants)
Man We Are Whatever We Are Into. And You Can Only Understnad What I TRUELY Mean If You Are One Of The Family.
(to the juggalo helping the juggalette)

Juggalette: *runs Crying To The Lo*
Juggalo: Whats Wrong Ninjette?
Juggalette: *Tells Him Her Story*
Juggalo: Well What Do You Want Me To Do I'm Always Here To Help
Juggalette: Just Help Get Through This
Juggalo: Not A Problem Why Dont You Come Over And Sit And Calm Down?
Juggalette: Alright, Thanx

(yea may not be the best example but its a personal so I put it. Thats about it for the Juggalo/Juggalette as far as I can tell. Peace)

by Wafflez November 01, 2006