Verb; Judding is the act of guaranteeing a prediction to come true, but then failing to accomplish whatever it is that you guaranteed.
Guy 1: I'm going to score a goal right here.
*Doesn't score goal*
Guy 2: Way to Judd that gay boy.
by PepsiMan July 24, 2012
Top Definition
A small guy with a surprisingly huge schlong, or a nickname for anyone with an exceptionally large penis.
I was never interested in Roger until I heard he's a total judd.

Getting schlanked by Judd is often fatal.
by M. A. September 16, 2006
The surname Judd is an English derivation of the Hebrew name Judah the 4th son of Jacob. It is also linked to Jude the writer of the Epistle of Jude and brother of James. Sir Andrew Judd was the Lord Mayor of London around 1550.
Judah,Jude,Judde,Judd. Sir Andrew Judd, alderman and lord mayor of London in 1551-8, was buried at the church of St. Helen's in Bishopsgate Ward, London. Sir Andrew had his house near Leadenhall Street in Broad Street Ward.
The sound a chair makes when it falls off a wall.
The chair hit the ground with a large judd.

*Judd* 'I guess the chair just fell off the wall.'
by GotBammedAndIRegretNothing May 01, 2011
n. - large nostrils
"His judds were so large it looked like he had four eyes."

"Are you angry or do you just have big judds?"
by davemalaphor October 05, 2013
To achieve "Skeetment" or ejcaluation on a sleeping individuals face.

or Dduj; to be asleep and dream of to achieve "skeetment" or ejaculate on an individuals face.
Dude, my wife wouldn't give it up last night so I judded on her face when she fell asleep.
by meowzas October 19, 2009
A member of the testudo (turtle) family. Land judd means turtles that maily live on land and water judds refer to the aquatic varieties."Gamora Judd" means the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands.
Judds are interesting reptiles to keep as pets.I own a land judd.
by Elvia February 04, 2008
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