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The act of stabbing someone or a stabbing motion
dun make me have to jucks you blud.
by Tyrell James October 31, 2004
25 14
To snatch an object away from someone with force.
You jucked the keys from me.
by Pseudobear June 23, 2011
12 6
when the girl isnt doing it right, vaginally, orally, or by hand. If you are hard but cant get off, juck is a method to do so. Jack off until you are at the point of ejaculation, then insert your penis into your partner in any of the wonderful places to insert it and then fuck until you reach your orgasm. You may have to repeat this process a few times.
Because Mary was a bit inexperienced in bed, Tom had to juck to get off.

Tom Jucked the hell out of Mary because she didnt know how to get him off.
by JuckHead September 08, 2010
22 18
A combination of actions where one jumps on somebody and fucks them. This should not be attempted without proper padding and other forms of protection.
Dana didn't juck me because she's not a lesbian.
I like to juck hangdude because he's my e-lover.
by SpankyJewels August 22, 2006
28 34
verb, to fuck someone else with your penis while the recieving end of the party is still wearing their jeans (Juck = Jean Fuck)
Jeff: "I'm horny"
Stephanie: "Hold on, lemme take my jeans off"
Jeff: "NO NO NO WAIT! Keep em on, i wanna fuck you with your jeans on...."
Stephanie: "How are you gonna do that?"
Jeff: "I'm gonna put my penis in between your thighs and fuck your jeans..."
Stephanie: "WHAT?!?"
Jeff: "Its called jucking, just go with it"


Tod: "Yo bro, are those hollister jeans?"
Steve: "Yea man"
Tod: "Lemme juck those"
by Badandy163 August 23, 2009
18 25
a nice way to say fuck
oh juck!...
by miss.tab March 19, 2003
30 42
Any sort of sealing device on a bottled beverage. There are various of types and styles of jucks, from that little plastic ring on your milk jug, (jug/juck... coincidence? I think not) to the shrink wrapping on a bottle of yoohoo.
Get that juck off your wang and eat your peas, Billy!
by Cam December 16, 2004
9 31