The act of motorboating an ass, violently and with great enthusiasm. First coined in a B-Hut in Bagram Afghanistan. Can be used interchangeably with Chaking.
Tonight I will be jucking the shit out of that ass.
by EGarcia July 29, 2013
The verb in which one is on a higher level, surpassing his/her opponent with style and grace. Usually associated with video games. Complete state of Awesomeness.
Damn man, Gabe is jucking you up SO bad.
by Gabriel Dolecal February 21, 2007
If something is lively or interesting
Yo men is that party jucking.
by Bruno Olimene August 11, 2004
the behaviour of Juck, also called Jamblin, in which he says "JUCKJUCKJUCKJUCKJUCK..." in your face
Jamblin: Juck Juck Juck
Stephen: stop jucking
by Stephen "Duck" Campbell December 12, 2007

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