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From what I've seen it appears to be a television show that is going for an amatuarish "waynes world" sort of comedy.Of course it fails on every level.It's just one of those shows that is so humourless that it makes you squirm in your chair.people who think adam sandler is a comedic genius will likely respond with burts of fake laughter while watching this crap.
bob:"What is this?"

bill:"I don't know"

bob:"Is this a real show?"

bill:"it sort of resembles one"

bob:"Jr digs?"

bill:"oh,yeah,I saw a few minutes last week,change the channel...."


by balki January 24, 2004
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saturdays 12am eastern at nite global...... its bitchin
by doggystizzle March 18, 2004
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A Kick ass person w3ho has his own tv show about nothing and it is the funniest thing me and my friend kenny have ever seen.
by T-Vor October 11, 2003
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Someone with a sweet-ass show, and really deserves a better network deal than Global. Pssh
"Hay guys I met JR Digs at the Simcoe fair."
by Alux October 13, 2003
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A guy with the funniest show ever. He needs a network deal so check him out.
Did you see JR Digs last night? It was soo funny!
by Micah October 12, 2003
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A television show resembling Seinfeld in where topics and ideas usually have no connection or plot whatsoever. Also resmbling said show, very witty and entertaining.
Damn, I missed JR Digs last night at 11:30 or 12:00 on Saturday nights on Global! (See your local listings for more details)
by DCx February 01, 2004
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