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The folding of the fabric in the crotch-region of one's pants while sitting down which produces the illusion of an erection.
"Mary was giggling uncontrollably; she must have thought I had an erection during gym class but it was my damn jopple!"
by Shoafage October 24, 2004
the small brother company from apple. they never reached far because they could not find a proper sign for their laptops.
dude 1: Did you see the last Aphones?
dude 2: no, what are they?
dude 3: they where made by jopple
dude 2: WTF ?
dude 1: they're silly

dude 3 is hidding an Aphone.
#joppe #samuel #apple #nokia #samsung #ipod #iphone
by the_proxy June 29, 2009
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