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Person who is an extremely faggish ass-fuck with no life.
Andrew is not a jop.
by ta-da November 02, 2004
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It is every word that either starts with J
or ends with -op.
Jop, jop, and roll!
Jop busting my jops
by Construction Worker 7859 February 24, 2017
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There are many variations of the word Jop that I can encountered. Most of them while playing online games. the definition varied depending on the continent the player was from: Here are the most common:
1 - arsehat
2 - obsessive cretin
3 - douchebag
4 - homosexual
5 - total fuckwit
6 - frozen noob
7 - dirty bird
Person 1 - I'm writing a script

Person 2 - Liar! Don't be such a Jop

Person 1 (repeating) - svibieuvbiebv
Person 2 - Fuck off Jop!
by PowerGamer December 20, 2011
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An app
Have you used Jop? It's fuckin great.
by emoneyymiller March 05, 2017
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A place where many fine ladies can be found. Thought to have originated from the name of a club in Baltimore.
That club on 22nd second is such a jop, we will pick up so many hot chicks there.
by rgblbt December 07, 2010
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Acronym for (J)ack (O)ff (P)ain, when you have been jacking off A LOT lately and your dick hurts and you can see red spots on it. If you have JOP you should wait a few days before jacking off again.
by I hate JOP January 01, 2010
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Pronouced 'yop':

1. A typo for jpop
2. A multifunctional word meaning 'yes'
3. A verb - to jop about means to prance about like a panda on SLD.
He jopped about all last night! I was so embarrased...
by Danny September 05, 2004
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