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To be a crackhead;To be on crack.
Nickson,youz a joog!
by Abi Shea March 04, 2008
52 110
to talk about or joke at
don't make me joog on them busted shoes!
by Laqualla April 09, 2006
18 84
a crackhead, or drug fiend
damn, you need to go serve dat joog
show dat joog, how to act
by M!SZ AMBER November 20, 2006
35 104
Aboriginal slang for 'friend'
Boy says to his friend: "Whats up my joog?"
by marion April 24, 2005
21 95
A word used on the eastside of Atlanta, meaning sex.
Wuz up shawty Im bout to go get some joog from this girl down the street.
by S.T.A.T April 10, 2006
71 153