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Another way to tell someone in a heterosexual, masculine way that you love them and wish them the best!

Also, it can be used when someone is sad, like in Spanish when they say, Pobresito.

Not a jewish women's boobs!

MAUREEN:Are you okay? Joobs!

MIKE: I got rejected again, i'll be fine, Joob...Joob...Joob!


CARLOS: later bro, Joobs!

MIKEY: Joobs!
by Carlos Salazar April 16, 2008
a jewish woman's boobs. see also jewbs
that orthodox bitch has the biggest joobs!
by carlo steadman April 14, 2006
A Jewish Womans boob
Check out the joobs on that one
by Christopher Paris March 24, 2006
a jewish noob
(see noob)
i pwnd j00 joob hahaha
by cs October 20, 2003
a jewish woman's titties

sometimes referred to as "joobies"
the mother of my jewish friend kyle has got some gargantuan joobs
by mikas April 11, 2006
Boobs that belong to a Jewish woman.
Cartman: "You know what a Jewish woman's boobs are called?... Joobs..."
by Beef March 28, 2006
Army expression

Just Out Of Basic

Meaning just out of basic training. Also means a noob or newbie or beginner..
Who's that?
Just some rectuit...
Haha. What a joob

by powza the arouser May 01, 2007