A Jonny hides in the wild by covering itself in a thick layer of vehicle grease/oil, and disguising it's natural smell with that of tyres.

When domesticated, a Jonny can be put to good use in the kitchen, making tea and baked potatoes.

However, they demand excessive payment in the way of dominating your World of Warcraft gaming time, and bottles of sherry. (They also like to take your last Marlboro when you're not looking, and if not hidden, will also 'look after' your green for you until they think you should smoke it with them.)
"I was walking through the park the other day, when a herd of Jonny's came flying past. One of them stole the fag right out of my mouth, and before I could say anything, they had disappeared in a cloud of dust."
by MValentine August 28, 2008
Top Definition
The most perfect guy who would only be found in your dreams. he's sexy, the most funniest guy ever, talkative and has a deep look in his eyes and the most gorgeous smile in the world! He knows exactly how to sweep you off your feet.
"You're my jonny :-)"
by pixilated December 21, 2005
A jonny is a condom!
Shit kate i ran out of jonnys
by anon March 11, 2005
A Jonny is a funny, self-conscious kid with moderate to good looks, and an extensive personality. A Jonny is usually smart and will make sure you know it.

He will usually make snide comments just because he knows he can. He's no one's best friend, but he's sometimes close.
Usually underappreciated, but still well-liked. Skinny, not very strong usually. Usually called gay by jocks and the like; untrue, a Jonny is straight.
Very opinionated, and loves easily.
Mark: Man, that shit was nasty. Probably dead rats in it.

Jonny: If there were dead rats in it, wouldn't you be poisoned? (laughingly)

Mark: Dude, shut up.

(random chick): haha.
by achhh! [loves pie!] April 12, 2009
1. Coolest person on the planet.

2.Extremely powerful god that pwns everyone.

DAMMMNN, that jonny is a god. He wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence.
by messanger from big gun up stairs February 05, 2008
Generally has a bigger cock then a justin
wow, he is more hung then justin, he is JONNY!!!
by Јɘʂʊʂ May 31, 2009
a young child that is retarded and addicted to things that are red.
Jonny just had a seizure
by Deshonda May 10, 2005
A sexy yet meterosexual bloke with a good body and dress sense. The downside is that a Jonny is arrogant but has reason to be ;)
oh my god, the only way to describe him was that he was a such a Jonny
by Lindzybitch June 06, 2005
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