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Girls Name meaning: beautiful, free spirited and strong. Jaiden's have an uncanny ability to relate to people of different ages and backgrounds/beliefs. Give 100% to the things they are passionate about. (and 0% to the things they aren't interested in.) Great sense of humour and ability to laugh at themselves.

Down side - are messy to live with, and "borrow" peoples things without asking first.
I have a Jaiden at home, I love her to bits and wouldn't change who she is for anything.
by Motherbear70 January 22, 2011
Jaiden~ SO MUCH FUN! You can always count on Jaiden to give you a good time! He protects, loves, and defends you like a boyfriend, but insults, physically injures, and jokes like a best friend! You don't have to know him very long before you love him! *whispers* But watch out, cus dang that boy can hurt you!! Generally has tons of friends.
Girl- "JAIDEN!!!"
Jaiden- *runs up and jumps on you knocking you to the ground*
by BelongingToHim<3 November 28, 2011
the offspring of a drunken pirate
Tom: "Did you see that kid with the pegleg?"
Brian: "He's such a Jaiden! Back off man!"
by Freddy the Superfreak December 07, 2008
A totally smart, sarcastic, hilarious person. A Jaiden is always distracted, and only gives their attention to one thing in and out of school. They are sweet, and like to cuddle but also like to keep their distance from people. They aren't one for socializing and tend to lean towards drawing, reading, and singing. Even though they are shy, they love to talk and laugh with anyone who will try to talk to them.

So overall, Jaidens are sweet, loving poeple. They seem dark and kinda scary, but don't be afraid to come up and talk to them. Once you get to know them, they are amazing friends. Just try to be open and truthful and kind. If you found a Jaiden, hold onto them:)
When I grow up, I wanna be a Jaiden!
by Daymare1800 April 02, 2015
The cutest baby ever born. And the best son I could ever have!
My one year old son's name is Jaiden.
by huntersarah October 21, 2008
The best guy you'll meet. Probably has an afro, and probably isn't too tall. But he's cool anyways. Likes to joke about being a gangster. (but actually is one)
"Yah my niqqa blaze it 420 no scop straight outta Compton"
"Ohh, Jaiden."
by santanasantasantaniaIII March 02, 2015
Derived from Vietnam eastern lands.
A pretty girl that is a beautiful free spirit, who is kind and caring. She will love and forgive easily. She is very laid back but is untidy. However she is sweet and easy to get along with. A true friend for life, she will be. A blessing from God
by Mai-Leigh December 08, 2014
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