A dumbass who created the book known as The Anarchist's Cookbook. This book has led to many deaths and body parts exploded off a person's body who was stupid enough to follow the directions to create pyrotechnic explosives that were completely unstable.
1 2.. freddy's comin' for you.. 3-4 lock the door. 5-6 pick up stix.. holy shit that lightbulb trick worked!!!
by Kamisama April 30, 2005
Punching/hitting/slapping someone in the nuts, and then proceeding to beaver claw them in the ass when the bend over. Make sure you yell "JOLLY!" while in the process.
Dude, I gave a jolly roger to Chris yesterday. He got hurt so bad he was holding his regions for like 15 minutes.
by GH057ayame May 14, 2006
hand job (HJ)
stingy bitch only gives jolly rogers
by ozslang August 23, 2003
while in the act of anal sex in the moments prior to blowing his load the man punches the girl in the small of her back causing her anus to contract and thus providing and even tighter oraface for the man
That slut had a loose asshole so I gave her a jolly roger.
by Jem Stinkyfish April 02, 2004
I'll just pop down to the chemist and pick up a pack of jolly roger's
by Grammar doc September 02, 2014

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