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A clever addition to the already poplular phrase "cached".

1. When the marijuanna pipe (or other smoking device) has reached the point where it needs to be emptied out and reloaded.

2. Also can be used to describe a positiion in the pot smoking rotation immidiately after the last hit has been taken.

3. Also can be used as negative term for a cached marijuana bowl indicating that a person would not like to take a resin hit.

The term comes from the name of the late country music star, Johnny Cash(1932-2003). but has very little to do with his drug habbits, its just a pun off his name.
1. here man your turn to load a bowl...this shit is johnny cashed..."

2. "nah man i get the green hit this time...i got johhny cashed last time."

3. "you go ahead and hit good on that johnny cash."
by Matt the Midd September 12, 2006
When a musician covers a song, making a far superior version than the original source/artist.

Referencing covers made by Cash like "Hurt" or "One".
Man, Jeff Buckley totally Johnny Cashed Hallelujah from Leonard Cohen!
by el_cuetlachtli November 09, 2014
When golfing and someone walks the green on the line of your put.
Hey man you just Johnny Cashed my put!
by AColn August 09, 2011
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