One of the most angelic people you can ever meet, she has two sides, one very loving, caring , something that everyguy loves and wants to be with. A person who cares for you more than you would ever imagine. The Other side being very sexually active, once shes loves you she never forgets you. One Hell of an amazing girl.
Duuuude, shes a Johanna
by LovingASwedeAngel October 17, 2010
Top Definition
A girls name. Usually a real cool girls name.
Nicknames include Jo, Jojo, Joey etc
Hey that chick Johanna is really cool.
by evil-barbie April 09, 2008
generally a a hot blonde with a killer body
usuallyy refered to as a hottie wit a body
everyone loves her and wants to be with her or in her
she is modest but knows shes hot shit and can do and get whatever she wants.
Damnn, i wanna tap johanna' s ass

Johanna is Gods gift to mankind.

Johanna is perfect in everyway.
by babesv-- March 07, 2009
is a girl's name. Usually with the nick name of Jojo. People usually find her very attractive. She's amazing in every way. Since she's a cool person, She'll probably knows a shit load of people.
1.Omgsh that Jojo girl is so hot !

2. I met a girl called Johanna she's cool people. I hope I see her again.

3. There is no one that can compare to Johanna.
by Lobey0828 December 21, 2009
The most amazing, beautiful and angelic person you will ever met in your life. If you have the opportunity to come across her during your life, you will be awstruck and fall quickly for her. She's amazing in every sense of the word, from her beauty to her personality and she is someone that cares for you more than you could ever imagine.
To spend time with Johanna will leave you with butterflies in your stomach, and love in your heart.
by assu September 10, 2011
An amazing person who is intelligent, hard-working, and extremely beautiful. She is an outstanding person but does not know it.
Johanna is AWESOME! :D
by AnonymousZ123451242123 October 10, 2011
An insanely cute girl that is not only pretty, but has a very sexy side especially when it comes to video chatting. Besides beauty, she tends to maintain her beautiful body by excersizing in the game of tennis. To men, she's a beautiful angel, but she tends to get into many fights with women of less beauty.
*JoHanna is truly a Johanna!
by Swag ! July 07, 2011
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