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A name given to a hide the fact that she is a black widow spider. One who takes great pride in feeding off every possible asset and anything else valuable in your life, and your friends lives, in order to feed her own inflated egotistical, narcisistic, borderline personality disorder body, in order to continue to survive without ever having to do it on her own. This person will do anything to be the center of attention and destroy anything good in your life, or those close to you. Even taking it to the extremes of cutting themselves up for attention, in order to destroy the stability of the surrounding environment.
This name is the lowest lifeform within the genetic defiinition of "human". Parasite is more appropriate.
Much like catus, scorpions, electric eels, and all other things that god created to look like "DONT TOUCH OR PLAY WITH THIS THING IDIOT, IF YOU DO, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK".

2. The most vile name to call a female, ranking easily above cunt, whore, and skank
DEF 1 -- Person 1 : "hey whats the matter?"
Person 2 : "Its the same old shit again, with my pick of women."
Person 1 : "Oh God, did you think she was an Alyssa, and she turned out to be a fucking Johanna?"
Person 2 : "Oh yes, its all destroyed, and she has already moved to another victim!"

DEF 2 -- Person 1 "That girl at the bar was a real cunt!"
Person 2 "Hell no dude, that girl was a flat out JOHANNA!"
Person 1 "True, I would have at least enjoyed going to bed with the cunt!"
by californiaproud December 08, 2010