verb. to jog, not run, through lines for a theatre production, most likely a play, while trying to juggle various other tasks. created by Tim Brown
-what happened?
-i got confused and lost my spot.
-now you're joggling
by raspberry-girl October 07, 2010
(Verb) The act of playing with a woman's breasts to the point of extreme visual and tactile enjoyment. Or more literally a mix between ogling and juggling.
Sweet Jesus... I've been joggling your breasts for the last 2 hours, miss.
by Lil' P. Ness March 01, 2012
The activity of running/jogging, mostly by females with large breasts. May also be done by overweight men.
Did you see that bitch with the big titties joggling in the park?
by O.M. May 06, 2003

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