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the quality of being G or gangsta. Something has g status when it is gangsta, ghetto, or otherwise cool. G status can also be used as an exclamation when a person has done something totally gangsta.
Those new speakers are totally G status

that busta tried to shortchange me so I knocked his punk-ass out!
G Status!
by Fatass December 23, 2004
aka Gangsta Status, or your level of Gangstaness.
Tupac's G-Status is a 10, while Ja Rule's is a 0.5

Oh shit, my G-Status just dropped to a 7

by Eric Ruiz June 23, 2003
G Status can be used either as an adjective or an exlamation. It refers to the quality of something being G, Gangsta, Great, Ghetto, or Godtastic. Derivatives of G Status include the verb G.
-Fatty Ged up hard this weekend
-What did he do?
-He drank a whole bottle of Tussin and killed a freshman girl!
-G Status!
-I wish I was black...
by Cuthell February 23, 2005
This is what your status is on your gmail in g-chat.
He chris, why does your g Status say your taking it up the but? did you leave your email account open at the apple store again? haha
by UD10 April 24, 2011
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