Spunk, Sperm, Semen, Jizm, Jizz, Man-fat etc.

I cracked one out on top of her and a big lump of jod landed on her tits.
by mesohornymeluvulongtime August 01, 2008
to poke with a shenn
Mordenkainen jods Whipsmart for acting weirdly
by Qwertyuiop^ May 20, 2005
A cracking wank. Jod -> Jodrell Bank (UK Observatory/visitor centre) -> Bank -> Wank. (Cockney rhyming slang)
A: I'm off for a bangin' Jod
B: What, a wank? right now?
A: I'm an astronomer, weirdo!
by jodmaster January 19, 2008
Jerk of the day
Aubrey was nico's j.o.d
by KNIGHTHAWK June 02, 2015

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