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The belief that jobs are the only solution to poverty and other social problems
Jobism is the only way we're going to fix this country.
by American Worker January 20, 2009

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The sub-set of "real" rules, trends and insights that govern the day to day interaction between people in Corporate America.
Before you go on that job interview, you better brush up on your jobisms, in this economy you have to know how to interview.

Good thing I took jobisms 101 in college, because I knew exactly how to deal with my toxic co-worker
by akajohnsanders August 03, 2010
Another Word For Racsism Aganist A ex-Felon who is looking for a job. and being turned away for past expirences
jah'corey and louis severd time in the same jail but louis is white so he wont be jobismed against
by mrsturner25 October 13, 2006