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The study of Jobisms - in other words, learning the ins and outs of how to navigate Corporate America.
Who knew learning jobology would be harder than learning physics. But I avoided being laid off from my job because I at least remembered the basics of jobology, so I knew what to do.
by akajohnsanders August 03, 2010
Connecting to random strangers on online social networks, but having no intention of really getting to know who they are.

The primary purpose of unsocial networking is to seek attention by padding your friends list with as big a number of friends / connections as possible.

Interacting with your connections is really not part of that equation.
Since I started my unsocial networking campaign, I have added 3,528 people on one of my social profiles. Before I started unsocially networking by adding random people I will never communicate with, I only had 67 friends on my list.

Gosh, I feel so popular!
by akajohnsanders August 03, 2010
The sub-set of "real" rules, trends and insights that govern the day to day interaction between people in Corporate America.
Before you go on that job interview, you better brush up on your jobisms, in this economy you have to know how to interview.

Good thing I took jobisms 101 in college, because I knew exactly how to deal with my toxic co-worker
by akajohnsanders August 03, 2010
A person who studies jobs and the "real" sub-set of rules that govern the day to day interaction between people in Corporate America. As of date, there is only one known Jobologist in the world, Waqas aka John Sanders.
I felt really unsure about my future, so I talked to my jobologist, and he really refreshed me on my jobisms. Now I know exactly what I want to do in my career and how to do it! Thank goodness for Jobology
by akajohnsanders August 03, 2010

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