Something/Someone so hot that they make you jizz (ejaculate) in your pants. used as a way to say something is "Good"

a phrase created accidently by Jack in California one afternoon after realizing how absolutely "Jizztastic" a girl was.

examples "holy shit that girl is jizztastic"

"dude that car is jizztastic"
examples "holy shit that girl is jizztastic"

"dude that car is jizztastic"
by GodLikeBritishKid April 11, 2009
Top Definition
good enough to make you soak your pants with semen, better than fantastic; something so wonderful, you just cannot contain yourself
Winning the lottery is jizztastic experience.
by Nebuchadnezzar January 09, 2004
When something, either an event, object or person, is so good that you almost jizz yourself i.e. ejaculate in your pants.
God that is absolutely jizztastic
by Davetherave January 31, 2006
(adj) something that is so supremely awsome, good, or exciting that merely thinking of it might infact make you jizz yourself
oh my god, did you see that trailer?! that movie looks jizztastic!... oh shit, gimme a minute I need to clean up.
by thezongo December 17, 2009
Something so fantastic that it makes you jizz.
This song is jizztastic!


You look jizztastic today!
by lolicakes February 08, 2011
When something is so fantastic, that you instantly cream your pants with jizz, semen, sperm-juice, etc.
Damn homie, that criossant was jizztastic!

Wasn't that episode of Digi-Mon jizztastic?!
by Bay City Bird Slapper April 06, 2011
Used for a sexual joke reply. or used to define something very awesome.
Jack: "Hey did you hear about that one joke about those two girls and camel?"

Jill: "No, but i bet it was jizztastic."
by iShoulddaPulledOut October 10, 2011
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