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Used for a sexual joke reply. or used to define something very awesome.
Jack: "Hey did you hear about that one joke about those two girls and camel?"

Jill: "No, but i bet it was jizztastic."
by iShoulddaPulledOut October 10, 2011
3 1
The olympics of jizzing. Everyone is a winner and gets a gold penis for WINNING.
Jeremiah: Hey what's up?!
Jonathon: Nothing much...thinking of signing up for the Jizztastics.
Jeremiah: Ohhh jeez, that sounds fabulous. I'm going to jizz a quart.
Jonathon: No no, I'm going to jizz 2 gallons.
by BoredCollegeKidd November 04, 2011
2 1
Something is so fun, hot, or amazing that you want to jizz everywhere
That girl with nice tits made me feel jizztastic!!
by Aphish December 16, 2009
7 6
Jerking off worthiness
"Amputee Porn is JIzztastic, I like to beat my meat to it"
by Jizzalot CockThrobbington June 30, 2014
0 0
something that is so good awesome or fantastic that you jizz
hey tom remember that pub we went to, that was jizztastic
by jizmman April 27, 2011
0 1
An inordinate amount of ejaculation/sperm/jizz. Usually applies to a man that has not 'spanked the monkey' or had sex in awhile. Generally used after oral sex, when a woman can accurately determine the amount of ejaculate she has swallowed.
Woman: Wow honey -- that was JIZZTASTIC!

Man: I've been saving up.
by THE Blonde Bombshell August 14, 2010
1 2
Something so exiting that people who see/hear/smell/or think about it jizz in their pants.
Those muffins are so jizztastic.
by brennan JP August 07, 2010
0 1