Used for a sexual joke reply. or used to define something very awesome.
Jack: "Hey did you hear about that one joke about those two girls and camel?"

Jill: "No, but i bet it was jizztastic."
by iShoulddaPulledOut October 10, 2011
The olympics of jizzing. Everyone is a winner and gets a gold penis for WINNING.
Jeremiah: Hey what's up?!
Jonathon: Nothing much...thinking of signing up for the Jizztastics.
Jeremiah: Ohhh jeez, that sounds fabulous. I'm going to jizz a quart.
Jonathon: No no, I'm going to jizz 2 gallons.
by BoredCollegeKidd November 04, 2011
Something is so fun, hot, or amazing that you want to jizz everywhere
That girl with nice tits made me feel jizztastic!!
by Aphish December 16, 2009
Jerking off worthiness
"Amputee Porn is JIzztastic, I like to beat my meat to it"
by Jizzalot CockThrobbington June 30, 2014
something that is so good awesome or fantastic that you jizz
hey tom remember that pub we went to, that was jizztastic
by jizmman April 27, 2011
An inordinate amount of ejaculation/sperm/jizz. Usually applies to a man that has not 'spanked the monkey' or had sex in awhile. Generally used after oral sex, when a woman can accurately determine the amount of ejaculate she has swallowed.
Woman: Wow honey -- that was JIZZTASTIC!

Man: I've been saving up.
by THE Blonde Bombshell August 14, 2010
Something so exiting that people who see/hear/smell/or think about it jizz in their pants.
Those muffins are so jizztastic.
by brennan JP August 07, 2010

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