Just like drizzle, but just with cum. Sprinkles of cum
"Dude this rain is jizzinling."

"Dude I was jizzling onto this girl."
by FapMonster October 06, 2011
The word that describes when it's not raining hard, but the raindrops are so big that it's very annoying.
I usually don't mind the rain, but it's jizzling out.
by Joecracko December 03, 2009
from the word Jizz commonly used to refer to semen. jizzlings are that sweet aphrodisiacs made by removing the centre of a strawberry and filling it to the brim with that sweet white sticky stuff dat comes outta ur schlong and savoury it with a touch of pimp juice. hmmmm... yumyum!!.....
Gotta Love Those Jizzlings!

Make Her Cum! Buy Jizzlings! Now Available In Chocolate and Fresh Mint!
by immagirl September 22, 2004

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