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5 definitions by Dreesey

noun- someone who is going through a hardtime, or is just pissed off.
syn- butthurt
Jon (walks up with a sad face)
Mitch- yo jonny why you all limpdick rite now?
Jon- ahh man i just found out my women cheated on my ass
by Dreesey January 14, 2007
when your significant other cheats on you while on vacation. in this case the cheater, usually does it out of lonliness for their partner. sometimes can be excused, but if the cheaters got a cell phone signal not excused. (phone sex IS still an option)once a cheater always a cheater though. tough stuff man
Gina- O my gosh on my vacation i hooked up with this guy
Nick- wow your a bitch you have a boyfriend
Gina- OO please don't tell him i went vaca-cheated on him..
Nick- fuck that shit
by Dreesey January 14, 2007
time to hammer. time to rail. thanks mc hammer
The sanitation worker at the phoenix open looked her up and down and repeated the single word hammertime over and over
by Dreesey February 08, 2007
you and your bro/friend/homie go out and rail, yeah baby. either double team or one girl each, either way, when u hear dual force its gonna be a good fuckin nite.
Nick: Yo jonny we goin railin this weekend?
jonny: fuck yeah brah, we're gonna go dual force dude
nick: fuck yeah
jonny: fuck yeah
nick: yeeeeah...
by Dreesey January 16, 2007
1. all ejaculation post first squirt
2. the sperm that dribbles out of owns penis
dude i cummed in her mouth and the rest jizzled out onto my shorts, it was tight.
by Dreesey February 08, 2007