Someone who talkes about jizz all the time mostly because of the song "Jizz in my pants"
omG i just Jizzed in my pants.HAHA thats my jizzlet right there!
by Snuff y luffy January 11, 2009
a drop of jizz left in your girlfriends hair after spraying it in her face
dam girl u got a jizzlet in ur hair
by bobo December 07, 2004
(actual definition) a drop of jizz dangling from any object just about to drip but just wont fall..
she has a jizzlet hanging off her chin
by abearproductions September 17, 2010
jizz is a patch- plural and jizzlet is singular
look at that jizzlet
by furnitureboy. April 19, 2011
a drop of jizz hanging or dangling from any object, its about to fall but just wont.
by abearproductions September 20, 2010

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