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This is what happens when you decide to look up jingledink on urban dictionary after you watched Game Grumps.
by Winter_XYZ February 02, 2014
Mainly a tradition of the D-Club, "jingledinking" is the act of tying holiday bells to your semi-chubbed shaft and dancing (similar to the Ribbon Dance, but without the ribbons) around a holiday object (e.g., Christmas Tree, Menorah) in a completely heterosexual way.
"Hey, guys. I know we're all straight, but since it's the holidays, we need to celebrate. Whip out your dink and let's jingle. It's the season for jingledink."
by Game Grumps February 02, 2014
To attach Christmas-related ornaments and decorations to one or both participants (especially genitals) and have any type of sex.
My Christmas was improved when I was donned with decorations and jingledinked by my wife.
by FrankDuncan February 02, 2014
The boner that one achieves while watching Game Grumps.
I've got a serious jingledink right now.

Danny's voice gives me a hard jingledink.

I had a jingledink all the way through the Silent Hill playthrough.
by Syn27 February 02, 2014
A carbon based life form originating in the Sol star system.
Person 1: Have you ever seen a Jingledink?

Person 2: I saw one yesterday, he stole my craff.
by Altdorf hilter February 02, 2014
The act of fucking a cantaloupe.
"I fucked a cantaloupe once."
"Oh, you jingledinked."
by Dinkles22 February 02, 2014
That tingling sensation you get in your genitalia whenever you ride an amusement park ride that involves falling.
Guy 1: Dude, I was riding the space mountain at Disney World, and at the top of the falling part, I got Jingledink.

Guy 2: Awesome!
by Iamarobot4luv July 15, 2014

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