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(verb) To get your 15 minutes of fame and royally fuck it up, especially on national television.
He jindaled that speech so badly that even Fox News trashed him.
by AmericanCheese February 25, 2009
To really screw up a big opportunity.
Good luck on that job interview; I hope you don't jindal it!

Ah dude, you really Jindaled that one.
by EC78 February 25, 2009
noun: a dude's junk
Bitch was slammin on my jindal last night.

by drpoon3 February 11, 2009
To flame out on ascent; to crash and burn on the way up; to end one's chance too early.
Boy, just when I thought we had a chance, he had to jindal it with that stupid speech.

If I had only prepared a bit more, I would not have jindaled the interview.
by French Inhaler February 26, 2009
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