an unconscious tick in the leg during sleep; may wake partner.

see also: jimmy arm
My girlfriend's got the jimmy leg! She keeps kicking me! I can't sleep!
by austin martino May 23, 2005
Top Definition
term for a spasming of ones legs or other body appendages in bed which occur beyond a person's control.
i had jimmy legs after drinking too much the night before
by G-unit December 15, 2003
Used to describe a person whos legs flail and kick during their sleep.
I cant sleep in the same bed with my girlfriend, she's got a bad case of the jimmy legs, they keep me awake at night.
by SienfeldADDict June 18, 2006
Old slang term for the master-at-arms or shore patrol.
More commonly used pre-WW-II.
(in a bar fight) Run! Here comes the jimmy legs.
by Navy Davey May 31, 2010
While masturbating, some men, and usually using lubricant, rub a spot on their penis that causes their leg to shake. Much like scratching a dog when getting scratched in the right way makes their leg shake.
John: Dude, I think the guy in the men's room was masturbating in the stall.
Adam: How do you know?
John: He had the jimmy leg goin and everything!
by AJ February 16, 2005
One who is bow-legged, or just looks like they are
"Matt's sensitive, don't stare at his jimmy legs when he's looking...."
by Davis May 07, 2005
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