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12 definitions by Davis

Jack off material-The act of seeing someone desirable and remembering her later when you rub one out.
That girl licking an ice cream cone in the food court will be tonight's JOM.
by Davis July 29, 2003
To defecate
"Hey! Your dog just shanked a loaf in my driveway!"
by Davis December 30, 2003
The uncommon bond between a Dodge Avenger and a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Often found when both cars have consumed high octane fuel and the eclipse is "rear ended" by the heavy, slow stopping, aggressive avenger. The result being a hybrid jap/american mixed breed vehicle.

Note: this vehicle is also referred to as an Avengclipse
-Good to hear from you Crane. You can ride shotgun in the Eclenger...or
Avengclipse, to ATL.

by Davis August 26, 2003
heard coming from a confused gardener at a resort, either an expletive or used as an excited term of discovery (think Eureka!)..........it was mumbled repeatedly, so you know it was important
Guy : "All these gargazolling kids.... mmmmm (falls into pool and drowns...)
Kid : "Gargazolla! He killed himself! Get his wallet courtney."
by Davis May 07, 2005
Any object that can be used for violence sake (used primarily by lispy southerners( IE. West Texas, Florida, Son of a plumber)
"He just hit a aman with a Rubba SharK! We got some plundaring going on here!" or "We gonna plundar West Side Story like if you will, baby."
by Davis May 07, 2005
Slang for Female Urination.
Katie: "Hey Teresa, you ready for another beer?"

Teresa: " Yea, I just need to Drain the Clam first."
by Davis December 30, 2003
The Muscles involved in sexual acts/intercorse.
"She firmly gripped his Love Muscle, and proceed to milk its frothy innerds."
by Davis December 30, 2003